I am a Telecommunication Consultant. My current research interest is in Home Automation Projects.  I have many years of experience and contacts in telecommunications, computer networks and home networks.   Contact me or e-mail me if you need a consultant for your project.

In am working at developing software to enable computers to discover and manage home resources.  I am testing my software to manage my homes in Italy and US using the internet. For more detail information check the site www.myhomevillage.com .

My latest project is described in a paper titled "Smart  Documents for Home Automation" to be published in:

M. Donnelly et al. (Eds.): ICOST 2012, LNCS 7251, pp. 214–217, 2012. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012

Abstract. This work describes the use of well known computer applications to enable smart home users to monitor and control their homes using customized documents. Middleware written in applescript and perl-cgi was used to integrate the computer applications with the OpenWebNet protocol used in home automation. The events triggered by the applications are easily log by web and mail servers to facilitate diagnostic operations and their archival. This software was tested on the implementation of “The Smart Door Project” to remotely manage door access, monitor the door and archive the events. One of the features is that the door opens after the user receives an e-mail with the magic words “Apriti Sesamo” in the subject field, and “Alibaba” in the text.

Keywords: Applescript, Domotica, Home Automation, Middleware, OpenWebNet, System Integration, Smart Door, Smart Home, Wiki Server.

© Andres Albanese 2012